Named after a French nobleman, “The Royal Poinciana” or “Flame Tree”, commonly known in India in the Hindi language as “Gulmohar” was discovered in the 19th century in Madagascar by botanist Wensel Bojer. It is a non-native tree to India, but has been propagated across the world in sub-tropical regions.

It is a flamboyant tree celebrated for its fern-like leaves and bright red flowers which bloom in the summer. The “Gulmohar” has become part of Indian landscape especially in the cities where it gives shade and serves as a beautiful avenue tree. Our room celebrates this flamboyance of this African species.

Located at the backside of our Main Villa right beside “Jacaranda” Room, this room consists of an emperor size four poster bed with a view of the beautiful Tooth Mountain at the backdrop and an artificial stream and landscaped areas that have been created in the North-West of the property. Beautiful art work fills the walls and the high ceilings of this room. The rustic bathroom reflects the space and size that our property stands for.

The room has a small bed area near the bay windows which is like a mini-children’s room, where the art work changes to child-like form. This area can sleep small children or even an extra adult can sleep. The stained glass windows give a church-like feel, and the sculptors and the exotic landscaping invite you into the room at the entrance.