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We at Tooth Mountain believe in sustainable living. Mother earth is under great stress right now, and the human race as a species faces mass famines, war and possible extinction due to sheer greed and insanity of the human race.

The Farm Cafe has opened its doors to general guests, other than our in-house guests. Since we have a limited menu, and doing a farm-to-table involves very high levels of complexities, we request you to reserve a table in advance so we can plan our purchases and inventories accordingly. Not that you cannot walk-in to the restaurant if you happen to be in karjat, but we prefer you reserve in advance. In case you want to walk-in please call our reservation number so that our staff can inform the watchman.The farm to table is a work-in-progress, and so though we have sorted our milk, grains, vegetables, eggs it is still difficult to get organically produced meat i.e. other than broiler chicken and lamb. Hence, though we offer meat on the menu, we encourage you to go vegetarian so you can partake of the complete farm to table experience.

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