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  • This is a boutique farm stay located in a rural area and not a hotel. Please treat this like a home rather a hotel.
  • Please note that this is farm stay. There are animals, insects and bugs in the area. Though the property is kept very clean but guests must carry mosquito repellent etc. Also there is fluctuation of power in this area though there is a generator back up.
  • Do not use glass near the pool area; you can request the staff for plastic glasses. Dogs and Pets not allowed inside the pool area.
  • We have full-generator back up but it takes 5-10 minutes to switch it on manually, so don’t panic if the lights go out, it is common in this area.
  • Please switch off lights, geysers and air-conditioning if you are leaving your room. Tooth Mountain Farms takes a lot time and energy to maintain and it would greatly appreciated if you can help us.
  • This is an area with water scarcity please help converse water by using water efficiently during your stay here.
  • The Verandah area and Hall with Television Set (all situated at the Main villa) are common for all guests staying on the property. Guests are requested to cooperate with each other.
  • Please switch off the lights in the verandah of the main villa before going to bed
  • All breakages and damages will be billed, and late check out is chargeable.
  • Guests are free to get their own alcohol, as long as they have a permit. No corkage charged. Non veg food is allowed.
  • All bathrooms are equipped with hot water boilers, please switch on the boiler at least 15 mins prior to your shower & please do not forget to switch off the boiler after your shower.
  • Please don’t create nuisance caused due to loud music.
  • Please strive to preserve the cleanliness of the property. Holi colors are not allowed in the property.
  • The staff will not be available post 11 PM at night for any services.
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