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Farm Made PEANUT BUTTER – 500gm




Our peanuts have a story of “Two States”. They come from Gujarat and are called “Jada Shengdana” or “fat peanut”. They are more oily than other peanuts thus making them great for peanut butter. They have been sourced by us from Solapur in Maharastra, where most of the peanuts are made into the red and spicy, “Singdhana Chutney” which is a speciality of Maharashtra. The Chutney in Solapur is famous for being a bit more moist rather than dry owing to the “oily” nuts from Gujarat. Cold-pressed ground-nut oil and other ingredients of the finest quality are used to make our farm-fresh Peanut Butter. Great for a morning breakfast on toast or use for cooking. Always ask for it
when having your breakfast at TMF.

Ingredients – • Big Peanuts (Jada Singhdana) • Cold Pressed Ground nut oil • Salt • Unrefined Sugar

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