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Peanut & green Chilli Thecha 250 gms



• Green chilli
• Roasted peanut
• Salt
• Cumin
• Black pepper powder
• Lemon
• Garlic
• Oil


Maharashtrian Thecha is a great food accompaniment used around the state to spice up the bland Bhakri Roti s as well as provide nourishment and instant energy. Peanuts give more protein than any nut ( 7 g perserving), containing more than 3 0 essential vitamins and minerals, and are a good source of fibre and good fats, and the chilli are agreat source of Vitamin C, and increase the digestive power as it makes one salviate. Especially with the hot weather found in Maharastra this is agreat food supplement used since centuries . It last for almost a month , but it is better you refrigerate it especially in the summer months since we don’t add any preservatives . We take pride in our local recipe of various unique flavours of Thecha available at Tooth Mountain Farms prepared by our chefs .


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