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Tooth Mountain Farm Made – Spicy Papad – 180 Gms


Tooth Mountain “Farm-made” has a wide range of delicious savouries and appetizers that go great with any Indian meal. Our wide range of Papads, includes some unique flavours like black pepper, caraway seeds, cabbage, green-peas, cumin and carrot are entirely made at the farm, using natural, hand-crushed produce grown in our premises or sourced from certified vendors. Except for “PapadKhar” that contains baking soda there are no chemicals used. Our Gluten free Papads are best had roasted with mint chutney. We welcome feedback and suggestions! Ask for a tour of the processing unit.

Ingredients : Chana Dal, Himalayan Rock Salt, Alkaline salt, Black Pepper, Red Chili powder, Turmeric

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Tooth Mountain “Farm-Made” is a line of edible and processed farm produce using Just-in-Time methodology. Our batch sizes are small, hence keeping a strict quality control and making sure that you are eating fresh and healthy. The word “Organic” comes with a lot of responsibility and though all our processes are chemical-free using only traditional local techniques and stone and wooden processors, and “cow-based sustainable” agricultural techniques, we refrain from using that word. Hence, “Farm-Made” is what we prefer to call it. It is made by the local woman-folk of “Hatnoli” village and 10% of our proceeds go to the Ramanand Sagar Foundation which is registered non-profit entity working towards uplifting quality of life in this area. This provides the women of the village a livelihood and a financial independence of their own. Please visit for more details.

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