Rental Agreement for Farm House - "Tooth Mountain Hospitality Pvt Ltd"
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Terms & Conditions of the Booking
Tooth Mountain Hospitality Private Limited Company (TMHPL) that operates a farm stay concept at Chowk Phata, near Karjat. TMHPL is not a full -serviced resort but a “home away from home” concept. Guests should not expect the service that is expected of them at a commercial fully serviced resort or hotel. Guest is group/ family/individual that wishes to use the premises for experiencing the concept of staying at Tooth Mountain Farms. Right of admission to this property is reserved. To ensure a pleasant stay for all our guests and good relationship with our neighbors, Tooth Mountain Farms enforce the following Terms and Conditions very strictly.

I. Obligations of The Guest:
• That the Guest explicitly agrees to use all facilities and amenities in and around the Property entirely at the Guest’s own initiative, risk and responsibility.
• That the Guest hereby Indemnifies as well as waives and releases any claims against TMHPL and their successors, assigns, employees or representatives, officially or otherwise, for any Loss, Injuries or Death that may be sustained by Guest and / or his / her party on or near or adjacent to the Property, including any common facilities, activities or amenities for whatsoever reason/s.
• That the number of persons accompanying the Guest, including his/ her visitors shall NOT exceed number stated on the Booking Voucher under the heading "Total Pax".
• That the Guests shall not proceed to the rental property prior to standard or agreed Check-In time as stated on Booking Voucher.
• That the Guest shall NOT cause any nuisance to neighbors of the property, shall NOT use the Property for any purpose other than accommodation and shall not use the Property for committing or conducting any unlawful act. • That consumption, bringing or possession of "DRUGS"; by any Guest or member of his / her party of his / her visitors is STRICTLY PROHIBITED.
• That Permission for the pet must be obtained at the time of Booking and if permitted then there is an additional non- refundable pet fee of Rs. 1,000 per pet plus applicable Taxes.
• It is the responsibility of the Guest to observe and report any damage to the property or appliances and furniture thereof within 30 minutes of Checking-In. Unreported problems and / or damages shall be assumed to have occurred during occupancy by the Guest and the Guest shall be held responsible for those damages and resulting charges.
• It is the Guest’s responsibility to ensure that Pets do not soil or spoil the Property, its furnishings, appliances or equipment. Guests (including Guest’s day visitors) who bring pets without prior approval will be subject to pet fees, additional cleaning fees and possible removal from the property without refund.
• The Guests are responsible for leaving the Property in good order before departure and shall be responsible for any damage caused to the Property, appliances, furniture etc. during their stay.
• Before Checking-Out or going out of the Property, the Guest shall make sure that all doors and windows are locked, all appliances e.g. air conditioning, heater, lights, fans, gas burners, cooking ranges, Owens, dish washers, etc. are turned off. Also ensure that all water taps and faucets are turned off; furniture returned to their original locations etc. Guest shall leave the property in a clean state and not in a messy condition. Failure to comply with the above shall result in extra charges plus applicable taxes, if any.

II. Security Deposit, Charges and Damages:
Interest free Security deposit of Rs. 10,000 will be charged at the time of booking and additional security may be charged for Pets. The security deposit will be refunded after Check-Out in the form of a company check, cash or via credit card after adjusting / recovering charges, if any, e.g. Charges for damage, excessive cleaning, furniture resetting, unnecessary service calls etc. If the charges exceed the amount of security deposit, the excess charges will be billed to the Guest and Guest will be liable to pay the same and shall pay the same without demure.

III. Cancellations and Modifications:
• Reservation cancelled 15 days prior to check-in date will incur a 40% cancellation charge.
• Reservation cancelled 8-14 days or prior to check-in date will incur a 60% cancellation charge.
• Reservation cancelled 7 days or prior to check-in date will incur 100% cancellation charge.
• No date changed or refunds will be entertained for any cancellations with 7 days of the scheduled check-in date,
• No date changes or refunds will be entertained for any stays during the Navratri ( 10th October – 18th October), Diwali (3rd November – 11th November ), Christmas (22nd December – 25th December) and New Years (26th December -1 January) periods.
• All valid refund requests will be processed via cheque
• Any last minute cancellation due to medical issues please mail us a doctor certificate or report.

IV. Notices:
TMHPL may, without notice to the guest, suspend or cancel your booking at any time, if TMHPL, at their sole discretion, feel that the guest has made the booking for fraudulent or competitive purposes. If the guest transgresses any one of the obligations, they will be evicted from the Farm House immediately without any notice.

V.Governing Law and Jurisdiction:
This Agreement shall be governed by, and construed in accordance with, the laws of Union of India and the Parties hereby submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Mumbai as applicable, without regard to the principles of conflicts to law of any other jurisdiction.

• I, the undersigned, and my group hereby accept all the Terms and Conditions as stipulated above. We undertake to abide thereto and confirm that we are aware that, if we transgress any one of these Terms and Conditions, we will be evicted from the house without refund of any payments.
• I, the undersigned, and my group hereby indemnity the TMHPL as well as the Manager against any damages suffered by any one of the guests due to the negligence or fraud on the part of the TMHPL or Manager or their employees.
• I understand that the following is not allowed in the house. Any commercial activity, Rave party and other illegal activities like flesh trade etc.