with In-house Naturalist Mehul Dedhia

  • A wildlife photographer
  • A Martial artist
  • An ornithologist
  • A Notaphilist
  • An Expert Naturalist
  • A Personal Fitness Trainer
  • At Tooth Mountain Farms-Neelam Farm Stay, we have been chemical-free from the last 10 years and thus attract a unique set of “FLORA & FAUNA” which thrive on our property.
  • We are in the process of growing more native trees to eventually turn ourselves into a ‘BIO-Reserve’.
  • Our in-house Naturalist Mehull Dedhia, who has been associated with SGNP (Borivali) conducts these unique “Trails & Treks” and has been over the years documenting all the ‘Uncommon to Rare’ species that visit us.
  • We have documented over
    • 55 types of Birds,
    • 09 types of Snakes,
    • 05 types of Moths.
    • 09 types of Spiders.
    • Few Insects & Reptiles.
  • Some uncommon OR rare species that can be spotted in this two hour walk around the farm are the following :
    • Birds like pied-crested Cuckoo, lesser whistling Duck, pale billed Flower Pecker, black Ibis, Pied Kingfisher,  Shikra, long-tailed Shrike, chestnut-tailed Starling & yellow-throated Sparrow; Glory Lily climber;
    • Beetles = Jewel and Wood-borer,
    • Spiders = Social, signature, two-tailed, tent-web, flower-crab;
    • Snakes = Bronze back Tree snake, Buff Striped Keel back, Checkered keel-back, Green vine snake, Rat-snake; Monitor Lizard; Indian tree frog, Fungoid frog, common club tail,Dragon flies, Pied paddy skimmer & Soft shell turtle also around the fresh water body; Mongoose pairs have spotted around the farm but are very elusive to humans; Crocodiles have been spotted in the lake which were rescued by the Team of Forest Department.
  •  Our guests have the unique opportunity to be a part of a 2 hour “Nature Trail”, in which they learn about the diverse ways and miraculous functioning of NATURE.
  • Our Naturalist will explain the various nesting cycles, unique characteristics of various species, how to spot them and many more interesting trivia. You will be surprised how much a trained eye can notice that we do not with an untrained eye.

So Do sign up for this signature activity of Tooth Mountain

Please observe the following DO’s:

  • Prefer to wear Earth Colour ( Grey-Green-Brown) fully covered cotton outfit.
  • Prefer to wear Trekking shoes. At least SPORTS shoes.
  • Carry minimum *1* Iiter Drinking water
  • Carry HAT/CAP/Umbrella as per availability.
  • Carry BINOCULAR & CAMERA (optional)
  • Be with the group “Physically & Mentally” during the Nature Trail.
  • Carry INSECT repellent.

Please observe the following DON’Ts:

  • Please Do not carry any type of “Alcohol, cigarettes, etc.” with you, in case we find it with you, it will be confiscated and will not be returned for ever.
  • Please Do Not “talk, sing” etc. Above 60db level. (Normal conversation at *3*ft.)
  • Please Do Not Take anything from the forest expert memories also do not leave anything except your foot prints.
  • Please Do not feed anything to any of the wild animals, Birds etc.
Only available on Saturday & Sunday on pre booking.