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Spa and Wellness

We are always looking for a way to improve our service to you and we are proud to introduce the Sport Therapy and Massage.

Arun Singh is a sports therapist. He is a Former national level “Kabaddi” player & was a student of Physiotherapy in the past. He is also a trained Strength and Conditioning trainer.

What is sport’s therapy???

It’s an aspect of health-care that is specifically concerned   with the prevention of injury and the rehabilitation of the patient back to optimum level of functional, and occupational levels of the body. It is custom made since each body is different and its problems are different. For the more athletic it includes sports specific fitness regardless of age and ability.

Benefits of sports Therapy

It increases the range of motion, leading to enhanced performance. It also decreases the muscle stiffness and soreness after the workout, exercise, or any physical activity. It reduces the recovery time post injury and increases the level of relaxation & reduction in physical and psychological stress level.

Sports massage 

This body massage involves deep and soft tissue techniques to relax muscles and release deep seated knots and tension. The perfect treatment if you are or have suffered with an injury, it will leave you feeling relaxed, loose and with results.  Our sports therapist will use deep and soft tissue techniques to relax muscles and release deep seated knows and tension. They will analyse and focus on your areas of concern, leaving you feeling relaxed and tension free.

Sports therapy with relaxation massage and cupping.

  • 1-10 Adults-  Rs. 2,500/- 1 hour per person.
  • 10-20 Adults – Rs. 2,000/- 1 hour per person.
  • Foot massages Rs. 1500/- 45 min per person.

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