Trekking & Hiking, two activities that most adventurers deeply enjoy.
It involves a medium level to long energetic walk in the wild natural environment on narrow foot paths / off the beaten paths for a day or overnight.Done for fun or pleasure, to reconnect with nature and calm the mind.
Initially this activity can be mentally and physically challenging.

  • Health benefits of Hiking and Trekking.
  • It can improve your mental & physical health.
  • It lowers the risk of Heart Disease and improves your Blood pressure.
  • It helps Building up strength in your lower body.
  • It is a weight bearing exercise, which build up bone density.
  • It also builds your endurance & boosts your core strength.
  • It helps burn around 400 calories per hour.
  • On top of all it makes you creative.

Trek to Irshal Gadh

  • 5 kms = from TMF.
  • Level = Medium
  • 4 hrs = Duration (Return).

Trek to Sondai Fort

  • 9 kms = from TMF.
  • Level = Easy
  • 2 hrs = Duration (Return).

Trek to Prabalgad/Kalavantin

  • 20 kms = from TMF.
  • Level = Difficult
  • 6 hrs = Duration (Return).

Please observe the following DO’s:

  • Prefer to wear Earth Colour ( Grey-Green-Brown) fully covered cotton outfit.
  • Prefer to wear Trekking shoes. At least SPORTS shoes.
  • Carry minimum *1* Iiter Drinking water
  • Carry HAT/CAP/Umbrella as per availability.
  • Carry BINOCULAR & CAMERA (optional)
  • Be with the group “Physically & Mentally” during the Nature Trail.
  • Carry INSECT repellent.

Please observe the following DON’Ts:

  • Please Do not carry any type of “Alcohol”, cigarettes” etc. With you.
  • In case we found it with you, it will be confiscated and will not be returned for ever.
  • Please Do Not “talk, sing” etc. Above 60db level. (Normal conversation at *3*ft.)
  • Please Do Not Take anything from the forest expert memories also do not leave anything except your foot prints.
  • Please Do not feed anything to any of the wild animals, Birds etc.
Only available on Saturday & Sunday on pre booking.