Tooth Mountain Farms is a 20-acre boutique farm stay located next to ND studios on Karjat road about 200 meters from Chowk Phata having 5 uniquely styled suite rooms with attached bathrooms, a private man-made lake, lap-pool, a farm-cafe – a farm-to-table restaurant, an art village and a plant nursery. A spa and wellness centre coming up in early 2020.

Farm Stay

Farm Cafe

We at Tooth Mountain believe in sustainable living. Mother earth is under great stress right now, and the human race as a species faces mass famines, war and possible extinction due to sheer greed and insanity of the human race.

The Farm Cafe has opened its doors to general guests, other than our in-house guests. Since we have a limited menu, and doing a farm-to-table involves very high levels of complexities, we request you to reserve a table in advance so we can plan our purchases and inventories accordingly.

Farm Made Products

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