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MW magazine, which was earlier known as Man’s World, is one of India’s leading men’s luxury lifestyle magazines. Founded in 2000, MW’s mission is to equip Indian men with information and advice to help them lead life to the fullest.

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“This family-owned, 20-acre, boutique property in the outskirts of Mumbai is the perfect weekend getaway for lovers of nature and comfort ”

My thinking perhaps doesn’t matter, because the travel industry seems to be in a maddening scramble to create homely ‘feels’ at luxury properties — a lot of frills to ensure the traveller has a no-frills experience that can sometimes prove to be counterintuitive. I mean, you could spend eight days lazing under the Italian sun or a weekend letting your hair down in Phuket. But when you reach home and roll the suitcase to a corner least used in your house, you feel something that, for the most part, is irreplaceable. And I was sure about this.