Spot Our Winged Friends

Spot Our Winged Friends

Hello again, folks!

It’s the middle of spring! And while many of you might be keen on listening to the nightingale and the red vented bulbul, two of the more common birds found in urban areas, it is only away from the city that you will get to spot and hear some lesser varieties of birds. And mind you, up on Tooth Mountain, which is just a trek away from the farm, there are many dozens of bird species that charm visitors. It’s a colourful world out there that you must see.

Good news, as we had told you last time, is that our resident Nature Expert Mehul Dedhia is the most excited about this and has already gone up the Tooth Mountain for his R&D and recce treks. He shares that for anyone even remotely interested in wildlife, nature and birds, this experience is a must have. Among the winged varieties that he has spotted around the farm are…

The Ashy Prinia


The Black Ibis


The Magpie Robin


The Fork Tailed Drongo


The Wire Tailed Swallow












The Green Bee Eater


and many more.

You know what’s the best way to see these? Plan a trip to TMF one of these weekends, get yourselves comfortable and well-rested and leave for a bird-spotting trail the next morning or if Mehul suggests, before sunset, depending upon patterns and more chances of spotting birds.

Of course, Mehul isn’t here on weekdays so you will have to call us and enquire about his availability, we’d be happy to co-ordinate and make a customised bird-spotting trek for you.

Come over and don’t forget to get those zoom lens cameras. Some tiny creatures are just not worthy to be captured by a phone, right?

– Team TMF