Time to show some tree love

Time to show some tree love

It is no state secret that we are lovers of all things green – but this post isn’t to educate you about going green. That’s a feeling one gets from within and in our case, we are passionate to the level of nutty about identifying our trees and nurturing them. Why, all our boutique rooms too are named after some of our leafy friends.


Spring is just around the corner and we are seeing many shoots and plants in bloom. The Bauhinia, Camel’s foot aka ‘kanchnar’ is out and about, the good ol’ bougainvillea has charmed our corners with its pink but the best news of all, the mango trees are preparing for a lovely crop this summer. The raw mangoes have begun appearing already so our kitchen staff is excited to make fresh pickles. After all, we don’t want to serve you processed dips and sauces when the good ol’ aachar could be made.


Meanwhile, here’s a huge shout out to our resident environmentalist, wildlife photographer, conductor of natural trails and treks and expert bird spotter, Mehul Dedhia. (Phew, that was a tiring CV)

Mehul has developed special interest in bird and butterfly spotting and knows much about conserving plants, water and soils. He has participated in the leopard census at SNGP, gone on Himalayan bird counts, visited Pench for tiger census and held many workshops on naturalist training and leadership.

Point is, we will obviously share much of the gyaan he tells us but should you want to meet him or better still, take a walk around our farm while you visit us, do give us a call and we’ll be happy to co-ordinate. Mind you, he’s a very busy man.

Here’s to a spring in your step this month then!
– Team TMF