Blog by Neelam Sagar “ORCHIDS ARE BLOOMING” in TMFN 20 acre property in Karjat in the nursery section – TMFN has a private lake, swimming pool, cottages, temple, forest paths and many more experience for you including Kayaking – you can even get your pet along – Frankly speaking Orchids are beautiful and delicate. Orchids […]

TMFN Blog by Neelam Sagar ORCHIDS FAMILY is a diverse and widespread family of flowering plants with colourful blooms and often fragrant. They are among the two largest families of flowering plants with over 20,000 accepted species. The number of Orchid species nearly equals the number of bony fishes, twice the number of bird species […]

TMFN Blog by Neelam Sagar Come and visit the ORCHID GARDEN in the nursery section of TMFN 20 acre property – Here are a few facts, mythis and philosophy connected with these rare flowers – The stunning Orchid is a flowering and usage plant and one of the most common flowers in existence. With over […]

Tooth Mountain Nursery –  Blog by Neelam Sagar “ORCHIDS CAN BLOOM IN KARJAT ALSO” – says Landscapist / Horticulturists Mrs. Neelam Sagar – a masters degree holder in Ohara School of Ikebana – normally Orchids in India bloom in Kerala, some parts of Western Ghats, N. E. States due to the climatic conditions, moisture content, […]

Tooth Mountain Nursery –  Blog by Neelam Sagar “BONSAI VILLAGE” – In the nursery section of TMFN 20 acre property there is a Bonsai Village – The Bonsai’s have been nurtured from last 10 years or more by Landscapists – Horticulturist  Mrs. Neelam Sagar – for whom The Art of Bonsai is a passion – […]