Orchid family and Tooth Mountain family

TMFN Blog by Neelam Sagar

ORCHIDS FAMILY is a diverse and widespread family of flowering plants with colourful blooms and often fragrant. They are among the two largest families of flowering plants with over 20,000 accepted species. The number of Orchid species nearly equals the number of bony fishes, twice the number of bird species and four times the number of mammal species.

Orchids are easily distinguished from other plants nearly always by highly modified petals. All Orchids are perennial herbs and lack any permanent woody structure.

In one variety of Orchids, the stem grows from a single bud, leaves are added from the apex each year and the stem grows longer which can reach several meters in length.

In another variety of Orchids they have a front of new growth and back of the old growth and a series of adjacent shoots they grow lateral rather than vertical following the surface of their support.

Many Orchids varieties that grow upon a support have aerial roots – have the function to absorb humidity, nutrients, mainly from animal droppings and organic debris collected on their supporting system. The bulbs in the Orchids contain nutrients and water for drier periods.

The largest Orchid variety in the world – nick named giant Orchid – can reach up to three meters in length, Many leaves of the Orchids are covered with a waxy material to retain the necessary water whereas shade loving species have long thin leaves.

The leaves of most Orchids are perennial, they live for several years, some Orchids leaves are considered ornamental. The Jewel Orchid is grown more for its colourful leaves than its white flowers. Ghost Orchids depend on their green roots and lack normally developed leaves.

Coral Orchids wrap their roots around the roots of nature trees and use their fungi to harvest sugars. Some Orchids have single flower and some have a large number of flowers.

The origin of Orchids can go back to 15 – 20 million years – which are now extinct. The scent of Orchids are analysed by perfumers to identity potential fragrance chemicals.

Orchids are sought by collectors and have established hundreds of societies and clubs – Dried seed pads of Vanilla Orchid is used for flavouring baking and for perfume – Orchids are often used in traditional medicine and herbal medicine especially in Chinese medicines perhaps since 2800 BC –

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