Orchids can grow in Karjat too!

Tooth Mountain Nursery –  Blog by Neelam Sagar

“ORCHIDS CAN BLOOM IN KARJAT ALSO” – says Landscapist / Horticulturists Mrs. Neelam Sagar –

a masters degree holder in Ohara School of Ikebana –

normally Orchids in India bloom in Kerala, some parts of Western Ghats, N. E. States due to the climatic conditions, moisture content, drop in night temperatures in these regions –

and wherever all such elements favorable for  their healthy growth are prevalent –

In and around Mumbai and also in Karjat –

South West is the best direction –

to propagate flower Orchids in flats or near windows –

With a lot of struggle, hard work, experimentation and determination –

finally Orchids are blooming in the Nursery section of 20 acre property of TMFN –

There is an Orchid garden landscaped for them –

The popular varieties being – dondropioms, vandaas, Filipinos –


Growing the Orchid plant is easy, the skill lies in getting them to flower –

one has to study –

temperatures prevalent during day – during night;

pattern of growth of leaves and flowers,

and finally how the Orchids bloom –


They must get certain amount of heat not necessary sun –

night temperature should be around 20°c or so –

The drop in night temperature is an ideal condition –

during the day they should absorb in heat – it can be indirect heat –

though the Orchids also want Sun and the myth says they grow in shades –

Orchids grow well in charcoal, brick pieces, coconuts chips –

seeing the popularity or Orchid cultivation in India –

Nurseries have started selling coconut bricks –

The coconut bark is cut and compressed in to a brick –

Orchids have to be medicated –

There are special fertilizes available for Orchids –

since Orchids are heavy feeders –

they have to be sprayed weekly to get satisfactory results –

supports systems help Orchids to grow more easily –

hence they use as support, barks of trees –

and are nicknamed climbers –

some botanist term this as parasites which no plant lover can accept –

plz visit our orchid collection at the farm during your visit, or then www.toothmountainnursery.com to buy online..